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Have you analyzed your life on a personal level in the last couple of years?

For example, have you evaluated your achievements in the last 3 years?

2020 was not an easy year. Among many other problems that affected the global way of living, the pandemic has brought us problems in 3 particular areas, political, health, and economic.

We had to adapt to new schooling, daily living, working from home, and some of us had who still had to venture outside had to do so with a lot of uncertainty. The end, unfortunately, does not appear to be in sight.

Like every crisis, despite all the difficulties, accelerated some daily processes. Teachers had to adapt their classes, companies have to recreate their way of working, and doctors received a huge new demand for patient consultations via telephone, photos, and video calls, a subject which has been discussed for years by the medical councils around the world and now become reality. The digital market has leveraged even more.

Crises of any kind take us out of the comfort zone for some obvious reasons. We have to work harder to find new solutions, for new problems. Certainly, we must be more autonomous and independent today than we were in 2019. All this has brought to our attention that nothing is permanent, everything needs to be adapted and everything is changeable.

In the view of some economists, we are facing an economic crisis in the shape of a "U" and not a "V", meaning that the return and stability will take time. There will be, in the coming months, perhaps even a larger increase in unemployment.

There is a stronger need for autonomy as it is now more essential than ever, because now every working standard is to go above and beyond. With fewer jobs and more work, we must seek an even greater balance.

Nostalgia, negativism, and hysteria, are the path to failure. Emotional intelligence will make us strong to overcome these challenges.

Having a strategy is necessary. Planning is essential.

How would you like it to be in 2021? Where do you see yourself? Have you already made a plan? I will tell you in our next conversation about the necessity of the plan, notions of strategy and planning, but ahead of time, I tell you that no crisis lasts forever, and this one will also pass. Are you ready?

"A crucial factor for change is the intention." (Sérgio Piza).

I’ll see you soon.

By Helder Capucho dos Santos

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